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For Registrars

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Welcome Registrars!

We are excited to partner with accredited registrars globally to provide .cv domains to career professionals everywhere.

As an authorized registrar, you will have exclusive access to sell this new domain extension to your customers.

Our domain provisioning team will provide you with ongoing support, training, and resources. We want to make offering domains to your customers as seamless as possible.

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Benefits of offering domains:

– 2 letter domain with a 3.5 billion people reach
– .cv means curriculum vitae (resumes)
– Get more from existing domainers and reach a new market of non-business buyers.
– Opportunity to be a leading registrar for the career-focused domain.


Frequently asked questions

What is is the domain administrator for professional  pages. They provide a .cv extension allows professionals to create a customized web address using their name to showcase their qualifications online.

Who can register a .cv domain?

Anyone can register an domain to build their professional presence online. The .cv extension is ideal for career experts looking to stand out and promote their skills.

How do I search for available domains?

You can check domain availability by visiting and entering your desired name or keyword in the search bar. We’ll let you know if it’s available to register on the spot.

How much does an .cv domain cost?

.cv domain pricing starts at around $10/year. Actual costs may vary based on your preferred registrar. Special promotions are also available.

What makes a .cv different from other domain extensions?

.cv is a major top-level domain specifically dedicated to professional pages. The .cv extension gives your site recognizable identity and enhances your personal brand as a career professional.

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