Promoting Yourself with a .cv Domain

Promoting Yourself with a .cv Domain

Here are some ways to promote yourself with a .cv domain.

Your .cv domain provides endless opportunities to promote your personal brand. Here are some top tips:


  • Link to your .cv site from all your professional profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Create custom email signatures including your name, title, and .cv site link.
  • Design a printable business card with your .cv site URL and email.
  • Add a link to your .cv site in the footer of your resume and portfolio.
  • Mention how people can connect with you at in professional bios.
  • Create graphics, videos, and content to share and promote your .cv site on social media.
  • Guest blog for industry publications relevant to your .cv niche and link back to your site.
  • Network at events and conferences with a memorable .cv branded sticker or pin.
  • Build partnerships with companies that could promote your .cv site to their audiences.
  • Run LinkedIn ads targeted to your professional audience that direct to your .cv domain.
  • Publish and distribute press releases announcing major updates related to your .cv site.
  • Consider paid promotions, influencer campaigns, and giveaways to increase awareness.

With, you have a powerful and memorable professional domain to showcase your talents far and wide. Integrate it into all your branding and activities to maximize your reach.

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