Registering and Configuring Your .cv Site

Registering and Configuring Your .cv Site

Follow these steps to register and configure your .cv domains.

Once you've selected the perfect .cv domain, it's time to get it registered and set up. Follow these steps:



  • Check domain availability and add to cart at your preferred registrar.
  • Purchase and register your .cv for 1-10 years. Longer terms are recommended.
  • Select domain privacy if you wish to protect your WHOIS info.

Website Hosting

  • Choose a hosting provider to host your .cv site files and emails.
  • Look for providers with 1-click .cv domain setup for easy installation.
  • Popular options include Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy or SiteGround.


  • Set up professional email with your .cv domain through your hosting account.
  • Forward emails from your old accounts so you don’t miss anything.

SSL Certificate

  • Add an SSL certificate to enable HTTPS and boost security.
  • Many hosts include a free certificate. Otherwise you can purchase from providers like Namecheap.

Site Building

  • Install a content management system like WordPress to easily build your .cv website.
  • Use professional templates suited for portfolios and resumes.
  • Customize with your brand colors, logo and navigation.

Redirect your .cv

  • Temporarily forward your new .cv domain to your existing online profiles.
  • This helps establish site authority until you fully launch your new .cv site.

Announce Your .cv Site

  • Share and promote your new .cv website and email address on profiles, resumes and business cards!

With these steps, you’ll be showcasing your new professional .cv site in no time.

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