Showcasing your .cv site on your resume

Showcasing your .cv site on your resume

Here are some tips for showcasing your .cv site on your resume.

Your resume is the perfect place to feature your new personal .cv website. Here are some tips:


  • List your .cv site URL prominently at the top of your resume for easy visibility.
  • In your contact details, replace your email with professional email.
  • In your career summary, mention how you leverage website to showcase your experience and skills.
  • For your name at the top, use: Your Full Name (
  • Under experience, highlight projects linked to case studies or work samples on your .cv site.
  • Replace generic descriptions with a link saying “Full details at”
  • Use your .cv domain for any online profiles/links in your resume.
  • On LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, set your profile link to redirect to your .cv site.
  • Download a .cv resume template made specifically for showcasing your new domain.
  • Set your resume file name to and include that cv tag in the footer.

A .cv domain is made for career professionals like you. Integrate it strategically into your resume to maximize the impact and demonstrate the value you bring to potential employers or clients.

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